Maria Espinosa & The Remembrance Project Action Endorse Chuck Smith For U.S. Senate

Chuck Smith is proud to receive the endorsements of Maria Espinosa (co-founder of The Remembrance Project and 2016 Trump Surrogate) and The Remembrance Project Action.

The Remembrance Project was founded to educate the general public about the loss of American lives and legal residents at the hands of illegal aliens; raise awareness of same, and support and unite the families of the victims; assist in fundraising to further support this cause in order to end the suffering. The mission of The Remembrance Project Action is to empower Americans to advocate for polices that protect our God-given rights as set forth in the Bill of Rights and U.S. Constitution to have safe communities where our families, businesses, and American culture can thrive.

“As your U.S. Senator, I will make sure we enforce¬†laws against illegal immigration to protect all Virginians.” – Chuck Smith

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