AMERICA FIRST: Jarome Bell Endorses Chuck Smith for US Senate in Virginia

America First firebrand Jarome Bell has endorsed Chuck Smith to be the next US Senator from Virginia as the 2024 election cycle takes shape and as Smith enters a field saturated with swamp creatures.

Jarome Bell has put his endorsement behind Chuck Smith to take on Democrat incumbent and Clinton acolyte Tim Kaine in Virginia’s 2024 US Senate contest, becoming the latest high-profile America First conservative to get behind Smith, who’s also been endorsed by State Senator Amanda Chase.

“Chuck Smith is a great man, a great lawyer, and one of the truest fighters for America First values,” Bell said in his endorsement of Smith for US Senate.

“I have known Chuck for a long time, and as a fellow Virginian and Black Conservative, I know that Chuck will be able to reach out to crucial minority votes that are necessary to win his competitive race against Hillary Clinton’s former running mate, Tim Kaine,” Bell went on, adding that “Chuck Smith is a ferocious defender of Conservative values, and I guarantee you he won’t back down.”

“Chuck has deep roots in Virginia,” Bell went on to say. “Has successfully chaired the largest Republican Party in the State (Virginia Beach), and has more experience defending America’s Liberty on the battlefield, in the courtroom, and in the party than any other Virginian I know. This is why I proudly endorse Chuck Smith for US Senate.”

Read Jarome Bell’s full endorsement of Chuck Smith for US Senate below: 

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